“Heart inspired, earthy indie folk roots music to activate, inspire and empower people”


Album | 2021

“Kate channels an uplifting musical presence with an empowering message of reverence to spirit, culture, the sacred feminine and nature.”

Album Review – Anthony Gebhardt, BlankGC Magazine


I’m so glad you made it!

Here is a place for you to steep in the sounds of earthy, healing, Australian folk music and for us to create a safer, more joyful and inclusive humanity. This is a place where we encourage and empower each other, we lift each other up. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome. I offer this music to you as a resting place and a place for inspiration and community. If you love it, please share it with your friends.

This is a space for the healers and the healing, sustainable living, environmental custodians, lovers of nature, those treading lightly, those daring to be sharing their unique gifts with the world. For the truth tellers and the sensitive souls, the mystics, those of us in crisis, those of us awakening, those of us coming back to ourselves… or seeking something greater, or deeper, and going within to find their own song, to be shared, with an open heart.

Big Love


Official Film Clip| 2021

I am grateful to live, love, work and create on Kombumerri land and respectfully acknowledge all the original custodians, elders and ancestors of this beautiful country – past, present and future. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. I recognise the deep wisdom held in the dreaming of this land and the knowledge of water and spirit and country, contained therein.

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Accoustic folk songs to heal our hearts, let richly textured sounds wash over you.

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“…it will make you wish you had ten pairs of ears for every nuance in the lyrics, every strum and slide of guitar…”

Amy McDonald - Radio broadcaster, podcast interviewer

About Kate

Kate’s heart’s passion lies in creating musical journeys to uplift and inspire, and to remind us that we rise together in hope for a better world. An experienced musician and stage performer, Kate has been playing to soulful audiences since 2007, most recently in one of the Gold Coast’s favourite bands, Leopold’s treat.

Kate’s music has been described as a new sound in Australian folk music. Uniting dynamic rhythms, soul-evoking vocals and bright, acoustic melodies, audiences are taken on a captivating journey through the dark depths and the soaring heights of the human emotional experience. Her sound is reflective and emotive, where every part of a listener’s experience is welcome and the human potential for good is endless. An avid music lover with a diverse spectrum of musical leanings – Kate has been greatly inspired by artists like Xavier Rudd, Rising Appalachia and Trevor Hall to name a few.

“If we can find ways to breathe through the dark, we can surely breathe all the way into the infinite spectrums of light”